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Extreme Everest Challenge

Extreme Everest Challenge Canceled

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Extreme Everest Challenge - Our gratitude for the support you've shown for this event over the past five years is beyond expression.

During that time, we've seen more than 500 challengers push themselves to achieve their goals, and you've all helped make the EEC a fun, successful and fulfilling event for both the participants and the organizers.

With all that said, unfortunately we’ve had to cancel the Extreme Everest Challenge for 2017. This has been a tough decision for the committee given how much we look forward to the even each year. As a group, we plan to review the event to determine how best to proceed in future years. We continue to believe in the Extreme Everest Challenge and the causes we’ve contributed to, and hope that a year-off will provide us with a renewed focus going forward.

Thank you all for your continued support! 



Live It! Love It! - 'Make Their Day' event from Darren Rayner on Vimeo.